MAD Hovercraft and child KIDcraft

Welcome to the world between heaven and earth, the world of hovercrafts!

Our company deals with production, rental and service KID and MAD Hovercrafts.

MAD Hovercrafts have a tradition since 2001. Father of the hovercraft's Ales Muha comes from Slovenia. MAD Hovercrafts are used primarily as a sport hovercrafts racing hovercrafts and hobby. They excel in high performance, reliability, simple and robust construction.

Hovercraft are unique machine that is capable of moving on any surface, such as water, ice, snow, sand, asphalt, clay and others. That means another can not. The hovercraft can fly all year round! Movement to hovercrafts allows a cushion of air and engine. Hovercraft moves smoothly from one surface to another. Hovercraft needs a big space. The ideal is a large area with no major surface imperfections. Suitable airport, a football pitch or dam. More information about the hovercraft principle here!

Hovercraft have a long tradition in the world, even organized events and meetings hovercrafts owners. Hovercrafts also have their own museum for those who are eager for new information about this unusual craft.

Let the show as a KID and MAD hovercrafts capable. Please contact us - the only producer of MAD Hovercraft in the Czech Republic who will show you how to craft this unique handle every surface in any weather. Control hovercraft is an unforgettable experience and if you try it once, you will not want to stop! Feel free to explore the possibilities and MAD Hovercraft. Ride over the country with a phenomenon of our time, which is so unusual and unique, and you know you deserve it!



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